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About Us

Hoof to Block are your new local butcher, on your doorstep!

Situated on the Devon and Cornwall border, Hoof to Block is a new and small family run business. We are passionate about sourcing and supplying produce bred and reared by our local farmers and bringing it directly to your door just how you like it.

Why Hoof to Block? Because everything we sell comes off the hoof. We buy only whole animals and can tell you where each one was bred and reared. We are dedicated to sourcing only from small, local farms with a passion of their own for raising high welfare animals, resulting in a fine tasting product.

There is no exception. None of the products you buy from Hoof to Block are sourced any other way.

Our Story

Having worked together when they first met, Stacey and Terry have had the idea of running their own shop for over a decade. One short stint a few years back in the wrong location and lack of support squashed their dreams and they vowed never again!

However, having successfully helping to set up and get a brand new business off the ground at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, and following an unexpected turn of events personally, we thought why not give it another go, and do this for ourselves!?

What's more important than supporting the local farmers that surround us, there's enough local produce on our doorstep without outsourcing from big wholesalers, so our ethos is and will continue to be to SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS .

So, here we are! October 2020 Hoof to Block was born and continues to go from strength to strength.


'Meat' The Team



Partner & Butcher

Terry has over 35 years experience as a butcher, he started his career as a butchery apprentice and has since worked in all different settings.

From working in a small retail shop, to managing a large team of catering butchers, or fine butchery onboard cruise liners, to abattoir butchery.

He really has done a bit of everything, picking up new ideas and skills along the way and he is very passionate about his job!

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Partner & Sales

Stacey started off on the phones within a catering butchers and has worked in similar positions at various catering suppliers in the food industry. She also has over 10 years of experience in supporting Terry whether its admin or the occasional sausage making. Also the cook behind our delicious Steak Pasties and Sausage rolls, and of course those Friday Special Baps. 

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Shop assistant and Sausage twiddler

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