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Field Irish Wildflower Meadow Fed Beef

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A note from Field Irish!

Field Irish Farm is a family farm that has been farmed by the same family for generations.

It is situated in a beautiful part of North Devon and the ethos has always been around producing top quality animals in harmony with nature and the surrounding wildlife habitat, whilst endeavouring to maintain the beauty of the landscape for generations to come.
The current herd of Pedigree Belted Galloway, Riggits and Highland cattle are hardy double coated animals, (ideally suited for the harsh winds of the North Devon fields, overlooking the three moors of Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin)

They can be seen out in the fields all year around, grazing solely on the species rich pastureland, or haylage made from the wildflower hay meadows. Cattle shelter from the sun in summer, or the rain in winter, under trees that have stood for 100’s of years, just as nature intended!
Our breeding heifers remain with our resident bull, Shadow, all year round and naturally come into season when they are ready. No hormones are used and nature is not forced. Calves are born out in the fields throughout the year where they are allowed to develop their own friendships and display their natural behaviours.

Calves are separated from their mothers as late as possible and go to join their extended family on the other side of the farm.

The farmland is respected, we only keep the number of cattle that the land can healthily maintain. No other feed is bought in. In fact we are able to tell you exactly where on the farm the animal was born, which fields it has grazed and where the winter forage was harvested. We are excited to be working with Terry and Stacey at Hoof to Block to bring you meat that has been naturally reared, free from antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, or growth promoters.

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